Monday, November 10, 2014

Deciding on a Scope Tripod

After buying myself a scope I was faced with a problem. What tripod and head should I purchase to go along with the scope? After looking on our friend google I found out that there are thousands of different tripod models out there - Nikon, Manfrotto and  Swarovski are just a few of the many companies that produce tripods. Another problem arose - what style head do I want? I ventured down to the local birding shop with my friend Bobbie to find that they had some nice tripods but they were either to hard to control or they were too light to survive the Cape Spear winds. We went to a camera store to see loads of tripods but all of theirs were meant for cameras. We went back to man's best friend - google - to see videos about choosing tripods. We settled on the Vanguard Abeo 283AV which is light and durable. Another bonus is free shipping from