Sunday, November 15, 2015

Northern Shoveler

Today I went to Bally Haily golf course to look for a Common Moorhen which hasn't been seen in a few days. No luck, but I did enjoy nice views of a female Northern Shoveler. Without it's odd bill a female Northern Shoveler looks like any old pond duck. The bill of the Shoveler is a massive long and wide object - perfect for scooping for through cattails looking for goodies. The shoveler eats small invertebrates and seeds. A photo is below. 


Sunday, November 1, 2015


Diving ducks are one of Newfoundland's many bird specialities. In a day you can see over 50 Greater scaups, 30 Tufted ducks and the odd Lesser scaup. Today I witnessed that. I went over to Kenny's Pond to have a second go at the Ruddy duck which seems to have just stayed for a day. The amount of divers for this time of year was staggering - at least 90 individuals mostly Tufted ducks. 

Greater Scaup

Tufted duck