Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Little Egrets

This spring has not been overly exiting with Eurasian rarities as last year's was. This was fine, though- I was in Point Pelee enjoying some of the coolest birds ever. But, as this is Newfoundland, rare birds are always coming in. Some even as rare as the Little Egret - one of the most challenging identifications in all North America. Little egrets look almost identical to the Snowy egret. Usually, what makes this easy is that Little Egrets live in Europe and the Snowy lives on the other side of the pond. But when one of these birds show up in Newfoundland it's "get out the scope time and lets look for plumes" - the simplest way to distinguish these birds. Some pictures of this awesome bird as well as other birds that I have seen in St John's, Point Pelee, and Nova Scotia are below.
Wood Thrush
Canada Goose

Mourning Dove
Black and White Warbler
Palm Warbler

Whip or will