Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tufted ducks

Every where else in North America you expect to see Mallards and Black ducks at your local duck ponds, but in Newfoundland things are a bit different. When you go to local ponds you can expect to see some very neat and in everywhere else in the country rare birds. Birds such as Northern pintails, Lesser black-backed gulls, Tufted ducks, Eurasian wigeons and Iceland gulls. Tufted ducks are a major attraction for eco tourists to St John's. Tufted ducks or Tufties are a lot like a scaup - small, they have black on them and they usually flock together. At places like Quidi Vidi lake, Burtons pond and Long pond finding Tufted ducks is usually a simple task.

A Tufted Duck.

A common gull of the atlantic - The Herring gull

A stylish Tufted duck

A Borea chickadee

A Northern Pintail
A Dark-eyed junco

American wigeon the cousin of the Eurasian wigeon

A American wigeon

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